Understanding Anemia

by Ed Uthman, MD

University Press of Mississippi




Chapter 1. What is anemia? [Full text available online, courtesy of publisher]

Chapter 2. How is anemia diagnosed?

Chapter 3. Iron deficiency anemia

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Chapter 4. Vitamin deficiency anemias

Chapter 5. Hemolytic anemias

Chapter 6. Inherited anemias

Chapter 7. Miscellaneous anemias


This book is 160 pages, including 7 line illustrations, 6 appendices, glossary, and index. It is aimed at the general reader and presupposes a knowledge of biology at the high school level. The aim of the book is to gently build the reader's understanding of anemias to a fairly sophisticated level. The discourse takes unexpected turns into the circulatory, digestive, and immune systems, as well as into the fields of genetics, nutrition, and biochemistry. My hope is that readers will come away from the book with a much broader understanding of the human body than they would have expected.