The Youth Center

  In the latter years, the Youth Center was known as the Teen Club. I remember it having a large main room containing a number of pool and ping-pong tables, shuffleboards, and a lot of rattan furniture. On the opposite end of the building were a number of activity rooms used by such groups as the Boy Scouts, etc. The snack bar was located in the center of the building as you entered. Of course, this was the "new" Youth Center. I remember the "old" Youth Center! It was located on one end of the long building across the street. That would be to the right of the new center as you faced it. It was so small and sparsely furnished, that at night, when they showed movies, most of us kids would sit or lie on the floor. It would be wall-to-wall kids. To buy another box of Milk Duds, you would have to step carefully over your friends in order to get to the tiny snack bar in the corner. It made for quite a cozy setting, especially for scary movies!

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