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[Control Tower] Control Tower

Kindergarten 1962[Kindergarten]


Sunset at JPJ School

Here is a photograph of the eastern end of John Paul Jones School taken from an upper floor of the BOQ building.


[Communication Bldg.] The Communication Bldg.

A view of the Communication Center. The shorter building behind it is the Commanding Officer's quarters. The inscription on the car says, "Special Services - USNS Sangley Point.

[VPW-2] Weather Recon Squadron 2 (VPW-2) at Sangley (1946)
Photo courtesy of Ted Shireman.

Grade 4 Class, 1962[Grade 4]

Mrs. Biewener's 4th grade class of 1961-1962.

[1967 Graduation] 1967 Graduation ceremonies

Cañacao Naval Hospital (1927)

Compare this photo with the one below taken just after World War II.

[Hospital Bldg.] Ruins of the Pre-war Hospital Bldg.

A photo of the ruins of the original Cañacao Naval Hosptial building taken just after the war. It was eventually demolished and the COMNAVPHIL building was erected in its place. (Notice the curved driveway and the tall palm trees. Also, a glimpse of the Administration Building can be seen through the trees at the right of the picture.)

Another Ted Shireman photo.

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