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                                                           Base Housing[Base Housing]

[ The "0" Pool

The officers' swimming pool.

Miss Sangley Point, 1960[Miss Sangley]

 Donna Smith, Miss Sangley Point, 1960, along with runners-up Gayle Workman, Miss Marine Corps, and Sharon Kelley, Miss Navy.

[ComNavPhil Bldg.] The COMNAVPHIL Bldg.

 The headquarters of the Commander US Naval Forces Philippines (COMNAVPHIL).

Best Buddies: 1965[Best Buddies]
Seated: Jan DeMarino, Cheryl Coulson.  Standing: Jan Scyphers.

[The Station Chapel] The Station Chapel

The Enlisted Mens' Club Orient[Club Orient]

[A birthday party] A birthday party
A birthday party at the Officers' Club.

The Officers' Club[Officers' Club]

[Quonset hut] Quonset hut

A typical Quonset hut quarters in "Officers' Country." (1946)
Photo courtesy of Ted Shireman.


Q-Y was located directly across the street from the COMNAVPHIL Building. We lived here from December 1958 to early 1962. After we moved to apartment 365-F, Q-Y was demolished to make way for more modern duplex quarters.

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