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[Map of Sangley] Map of Sangley Point.

The Officer's Boat Landing[Officers' Landing]

[Main Gate] The Main Gate

A photo of the Main Gate looking out towards Cavite City.

The Administration Building[Administration Bldg.]

[sangley45] Sangley Point (c. 1945)

Photo courtesy of Ted Shireman, former Photo Mate First Class stationed at Sangley from May to Sept of 1946 with Weather Recon Sqdn 2 (VPW2)

Sangley Point (c. 1946)[sangley46]

Photo courtesy of Ted Shireman.

Arial Photo of Sangley Aerial Photo of Sangley

Photo courtesy of Tom Bigley of VP-40.

Another Aerial view of Sangley Point

Photo courtesy of Tom Bigley of VP-40.

[John Paul Jones] John Paul Jones School central "building"

Air Operations[Air Operations]

[The Braves] The Braves.

One of 2 Little League teams.

1. Davis Broadhurst; 2. George Negretti; 3. Greg Wilson; 4. Brent Roulett;
5.(?); 6.(?); 7.(?); 8. David McAllister

1. (?); 2. Breezy Jones; 3. (?); 4. (?); 5. (?); 6. Loren Stiegelmar; 7. (?);
8. (?); 9. (?)

If you know any of these guys, please help refresh my memory.

(The Tigers was the other team.)

Death March (1962)[Death March]

Boy Scout re-enactment of the Bataan Death March (1962).

Top Row: 1. Explorer Advisor (Last Name Anderson?); 2. Mark Johnson*;
3. Ron Parsons*; 4. (Some guy from Clark AB, I think).
Second Row: 1. Steve Mahne; 2. Jim Bailey; 3. Mike Oliver.
Third Row: 1. Paul Faria*; 2. Tom Howell; 3. (?); 4. (?).
Fourth Row: 1. (?); 2. Vic Cunningham*; 3. Loren Stiegelmar; 4. Jimmy Lyden;
5. Mark Kzensak.
Bottom Row: 1. Davis Broadhurst; 2. Ron Oliver; 3. Breezy Jones; 4. (?);
5. Mike Sampson*; 6. David Vincent.

*Thanks to Paul Faria !

Again, if you know any of these guys, please help refresh my memory.
Thanks to Paul there are only four guys left unidentified!


If you have any other photos from your time at Sangley that you would like to share,
just drop me a line.

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