[Ball Player]

Ball Games at Orient Field

  Orient Field was located behind Club Orient, the enlisted men's club. It was a fairly well-kept baseball diamond. One flaw, however, was that there was no outfield fence. Down past the right-field line were the enlisted men's barracks. Deep in center-field was some kind of cold storage building. And way down the left-field line was the Marine firing range, and beyond that, the airstrip. Anything that got past an outfielder would end up being a home-run! But it was fun. On weekends there would be a number of organized league games, particularly Little League and Pony. It was the first time many of us got to play in an organized league. The two Sangley Little League teams, the Braves and the Tigers, were part of the Manila Bay Little League which included teams from The Manila Polo Club and the Canlubang Sugar Plantation. Road trips were a lot of fun, too!

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