Not many people remember that KTLG was once the call letters of the Sangley Point station of AFRS (Armed Forces Radio Service).   Originally broadcasting at 1300 khz, by the late fifties KTLG was on the air at 1220 khz, but only occasionally, usually during a typhoon watch or special stateside sports events (i.e., World Series, Army-Navy Game, etc.).   During this time its location moved several times; housed at first a quonset hut across the street from the Administration building, then moved to the Red Cross building near the communication center, and, finally, returned to its original quonset hut.   It only put out 250 watts!

By the early sixties it was on the air 24 hours a day and had dropped the KTLG call letters. AFRS Sangley Point provided a number of locally produced programs as well as the usual transcribed stateside programs and live sporting events. By the mid sixties, AFRS Sangley Point became part of AFPN (American Forces Philippines Network), with most of its programming provided by a network feed from the AFPN hub at Clark Air Base. In the late sixties it changed its frequency from 1220 khz to 1310 khz as part of a restructuring of AFPN. Eventually, AFPN was absorbed by FEN, the Far East Network, an AFRTS network hub in Tokyo, Japan.

Site manager's note:
Among the many pleasures of maintaining this web site are the numerous email  letters I receive.  Of particular interest are those from people who are eager to share their first hand experience of life at Sangley Point. Their stories are often informative and interesting, and are an invaluable help in filling in the missing pages in the history ofSangley Point. Often times they can tell their stories merely with the submission of long lost or forgotten photos. Frequently they point out errors and provide corrections to information in this web site. All information, I must add, is welcome and is gratefully, if not promptly, incorporated.

 Amonmg the most interesting and informative to date is the correspondence I have had the pleasure to have with Matthew McGuigan of Lansdale, PA.  Matt discovered this web site and was quick to inform me that the original call sign for AFRS Sangley was not "KTLD", as I had originally published on this page, but rather it was "KTLG" My information was based on my flawed, forty-year-old memory as a listener of the station.  Matt's memory, however, was to prove to be far more reliable.  Matt, you see, was directly involved in setting up KTLG!  In addition to a wealth of information, Matt sent me numerous photos, clippings, and even some audio!  He suggested that there may be enough for a web page of its own.  So. . .


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