Quonset huts

  Except for a few concrete apartment buildings and "RQ" duplexes, quonset huts predominated as living quarters at Sangley from the late-40's to the mid-60's. For officers and enlisted men alike, quonset huts were a way of life, with their curved ceilings and painted wooden floors. By the early sixties they were really showing their age. They had been hastily painted and repainted so many times through the years that often large sections of paint would peel right off, particularly from the floor. Canvas roll-ups over the windows were often rotting. But it was home. We lived in Q-Y, directly across the street from the COMNAVPHIL buliding. In 1962 we were ordered to move to apartment 365-F. The Seabees then came in and demolished all the quonsets along our street and erected new two-story duplexes.
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