JPJ Reunion
June 26-28, 1992

  It's so hard to put into words the intense, fun-filled reunion that took place in Atlanta, June 26-28, 1992. Here are a few impressions of those three days:

Friday Night

Reception:  Shocked faces, tears, hugs, squeals, old photos, remembering, teachers greeting students, great food and music, 60's people meeting 70's folk.


Studebakers (50's & 60's dance club): Piling into cabs, filling up the club, dancing 'til 1:00, magic by Bud Juhl, "Play That Funky Music, White Boy."

Hospitality Room: Talking 'til 4:00 a.m.Pool/Jacuzzi:  Soaking sore muscles.


  Trips:  Atlanta Underground, a re- enactment of a Civil War battle at Kennesaw, sports photography exibit.

 Pool:  Exhausted alumni lounging by the pool.


Volleyball Game:   East vs. west -- 3 hours, great turnout, enthusiastic spectators, Dave Becker's Jose Cuervo hats, team captains Kim Clew and Jerry Priest, beer, great players, who won? Who knows!Dinner was tasty and the D.J. played all the oldies of our youth. We perused yearbooks and pictures, and fun memories were shared.


Big Bash

  The beautiful Terrace Garden Ballroom; peach and white balloons; glitter; delicious meal; slide show that spanned post-WWII to 1971 with Ken Norris and June Alberts's funny narration; class presidents John Youell('67) and Sudi Hartung('71), a favorite --; Marty Palmer('64-66) showed up; beautiful dresses (Lina Quinsaat in midnight blue lace and Rhonda Whitman in turquoise sequins!!); D.J. playing "We Gotta Get Outta This Place"; dancing, smoozing, talking 'til early morning.



  Breakfast Buffet:  Cascades Area, fountains, brunch, signing cards for Mrs. Ley, signing Harry Luzius' underwear, pictures, video, hugs & kisses, promises to meet soon, Carol Superfine('66 grad) and her little girl, Principal Rhea and his wife, a general air of sadness.

 Meeting: Quick and dirty, officers elected, mega-volunteers!!

 Good-byes:  Packing, tears, good-bye kisses, cabs to the airport, The End.


  Everyone left with 60 to 70 new friends. Our common bond-- John Paul Jones --brought us together for a fabulous weekend!

(Thanks to Cheryl Coulson Kupfer ('64-'66).  -- LS)

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