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This series of five essays will explore John Gray's anatomy, but only in the sociological sense, not the physical! In contrast to The Rebuttal From Uranus, which offers a microscopic review and analysis of John Gray's works, Out of the Cave: Exploring Gray's Anatomy will take a macroscopic look at the Mars&Venus phenomenon. In analyzing Gray's worldview, I will reference both his books and source materials from respected sociologists and social psychologists. In so doing, I will not only offer good social research, but will also propose attractive and workable alternatives to Mars and Venus.

In looking through Gray's gender lens, Out of the Cave will explore the following questions:

  • What does John Gray really mean by masculinity and femininity?
  • How does the Mars&Venus phenomenon reinforce our society's views on gender?
  • Are we stuck with Gray's anatomy . . . or can we get something better?
  • Can men and women ever be the neighboring and loving sexes instead of the opposite and opposing sexes?
  • How can we transform our Mars&Venus society?

I am very excited about writing these essays because I am convinced that we don't have to settle for Gray's worldview. There is something better for both women and men. But first, we have to get a good bottle of vino rossi, buy a state-of-the-art zoom lens camera and settle in for a few afternoons in the piazza to take a few revealing snapshots of Gray's sociological anatomy.

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Kathleen Trigiani
September 1998
(slightly revised June 1999)

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