Tune: Blessed Assurance

This little gem has been floating around the internet for a long, long time. It has been attributed to the women of First Baptist Church, Austin, Texas. Now let's get ready for a good old fashioned Baptist hymn sing:

1. (Fundamentalist Southern Baptist Men Only)

Gracious submission, this is God's test;
Ladies in shackles, Southern Baptists are best;
Shining my shoes and fetching a beer;
This is our faith; so do it, my dear.

(to be sung by graciously submissive ladies only)

Gracious submission, this is my song;
Serving my husband all the day long;
Gracious submission, this is my song;
Kissing his butt and tagging along.

2. (Men leaders and submissive ladies together)

Patterson speaketh, Convention agrees;
Paige is the prophet, we're down on our knees;
Ladies are mothers, they work in the house,
Serving their husbands, meek as a mouse.

3. (Men household servant leaders only)

Men should be leaders, that is the rule;
Ladies should follow, it's so very cool;
June Cleaver, the model, what a lady should be;
The 50's were godly, as godly as me.