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Listing of Extraordinary Form Locations -
Detailed information on Churches in the USA and Canada

Compiled by Carl Schwalm, Dallas, TX
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USA and Canada
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USA and Canada
Please e-mail to this Web master any corrections, additions or deletions pertaining to this web page
and the applicable information will be incorporated in the next update 
Before traveling to any of these sites, please check for accuracy beforehand
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In order to reduce the downloading time the data has been distributed over five (5) sub web pages.
All listed state can also be reached by clicking on a similar table at the top of each sub web page.
For a quick index of churches with a Mass every Sunday clink here.

The following explanationd apply to all five sub web pages. and is not repeated on these sub pages
The listings (reached by clicking on the above abbreviations for the indexed states) show the locations, times and other information for regularly scheduled Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (previously called the Latin, traditional or Tridentine Mass per the 1962 Missal) in the USA and Canada.  (Some Masses at these locations may slightly deviate from the Missal at the request of the local Bishop or Religious Order.) 

The horizontal colored bars (shown on the sub web pages) separate information for each Church.
The text in the each spacer bar (above the Church information) indicate the date that the significant information for the Church was last added or revised.


This listing does exclude those Masses, not in full union with the Pope, offered by the SSPX, SSPV, CMRI, or Independent Priest.
It does not include the "Novus Ordo" Latin Masses (1970 Missal) nor the "Hybrid" Masses because these services differ from the Extraordinary Latin or Tridentine Mass, although these are approved by the local Bishops.
This listing does not include those locations with "Private Mass" (not available for the public), special or one-time only services.
Also it does not include those locations where the Mass was discontinued some time ago.
This listing may contain some selected Churches (having no regular schedule), but occasionally have an Extraordinary Mass (The day and the time will not be listed.  Contact Church for details).

Although some of the listed Churches may occasionally have an additional Holy Day Mass, these special Day Mass times are not listed becausethese times may vary.  It also does not include the times allocated for (a),  Confessions, (b) Processions and (c) Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament (because all these times vary to much).  Please contact the Church for these details.

The data is sorted in the following order : (a) Country, (b) State or Province, (c) City, (d) Church or Chapel name


The regularly scheduled starting time of the Mass for each day of the week is listed in column 5 using the following nomenclature
The listed data for each church was derived from various sources (phone calls, e-mail and Internet web pages). When additional information becomes available, all available information for the location(s) is re-evaluated by the Web master to determine the most reliable information .   Only those sources for a specific Church that fully agree with the listed time(s)are identified by a code letter following the phrase "Source(s)".  A given source might have been updated since the last review and evaluation. If a specific source code letter is  missing, then either (a) no Extraordinary Form Mass  times were listed, (b) the church was not listed in the source, (c) only partial Mass times were provided,  (d) the time of a Mass was listed but the type/language of Mass could not be assertained, or (e) the data on this church was rejected at this time by the Web master because its supplied information on Mass times did not fully agree with the accepted data from the other sources.
These codes include:

Bulletin by the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter listing location of their Apostolates
and times of their Masses
C, I, S
Trusted communications (verbal or written) from informants or Web master to MDLM,
FSSP (Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter) International Listing ""
Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei "
FSSP (Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter) Website  ""
Catholic Tradition Network - Gregorian/Tridentine Rite Mail List (restricted membership) ""
H Latin Latin Mass Finder ""
WikkiMissa (French, English, and other languages)
The Latin Mass Network - Mass information  ""
Liturgical Ordo and Directory, published by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), PO. Box 196, Elmhurst, PA 18416
Parishes on Line ""
Directory of Traditional Latin Masses and Resource Book . (This listing also includes non-Extraordinary Traditional Masses, as well as Masses by "priests" with questionable ordination). ""
Mass Times  (This listing also includes Churches in the USA with Novus Ordo Mass in English and other languages)  ""
A Global Registry of Traditional Latin Masses Approved by Legitimate Authority ""
Una Voce Local Chapters Websites  ""
Website(s) of this Church or Community
Z The Catholic Directory  ""

  • Green text for the Church information (name and address) indicates that this location is a newly (we received the news during the last few month) added Church to the list
  • Red text for the Church information indicated that some detail about the Church was changed or corrected
  • Red text in the last (right) column indicates that this data is either (a) new, (b) was changed / corrected during the last few months , or (c) requires special attention.
  • The colors of the referenced Church's "web site" link are controlled by your computer setup. These web sites may  have additional information about the Tridentine Mass.  (In some cases the full URL of the external linked web site is split into multiple rows .  Clicking on either line will go to the desired site.)
  • Strike through of the City and Church and Address indicates that that all Extraordinary Masses at this location have lately been terminated. If the Mass was relocated, the new site is identified in the right column.
  • Other minor changes are not highlighted.
    This Web master wants to acknowledge all these sources, catholic websites and the Internet White and Yellow Pages for their help.

    A special thanks to all those individuals who took the time to inform this Web master of the latest updates in their area.

    Pray for the continued support of these Bishops, who have the Extraordinary Latin Mass in their diocese (and for the additional future approval of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite Mass in these and other dioceses).

    This website tries to be correct, however, before traveling to any selected church, please verify the correctness of the data. 
    Because this Web master may not be aware of changes, this web site is not responsible for incorrect data.
    If you detect any error(s) or have additional information please contact this Web master by e-mail.

    It would be appreciated (and by other users of this listing) if you were to notify this web master because :
             a) This tabulation was useful to you,
             b) The time(s) of the Mass was changed,

              c) The location of the Mass has moved or was discontinued or is no  longer qualified,

            d) New information about the Priest and how to contact him, the church,  or its members,
            e) The local Latin Mass Community has a name,
            f) E-mail addresses and/or local websites were added or changed,
            g) If you know of another qualifying Church or Chapel that should be included in this listing.

    Listing of Churches with one or more Extraordinary Mass(es) every Sunday
    Alabama Birmingham "Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church"
    Alabama Birmingham "St. Paul Cathedral"
    Alabama Cullman "Christ the King Monastery"
    Alabama Gadsden "St. James"
    Alabama Huntsville "St. Mary of the Visitation Parish"
    Alaska Anchorage "Holy Family Cathedral"
    Alaska North Pole "St. Nicholas Parish"
    Alaska Sitka "St. George of Nazianzen, Ave Maria Chapel"
    Arizona Clarkdale "St. Cecelia Church"
    Arizona Phoenix "Mater Mericordiae Church"
    Arizona Tucson "St. Giannas Oratory"
    Arkansas North Little Rock "St. Patrick's Church"
    Arkansas Tontitown "St. Joseph Parish"
    California Alhambra "St. Therese of Lisieux Parish"
    California Bakersfield "St. Francis of Assissi Parish"
    California Brentwood "Immaculate Heart of Mary Church"
    California Chico "St. John the Baptist"
    California Costa Mesa "St. John the Baptist Church"
    California Escondido "St. Mary Parish"
    California Fresno "St. Anthony of Padua Guadalupe Chapel"
    California Guasti "San Secondo D'Asti Church"
    California Huntington Beach "Mary by the Sea (62)"
    California Oakland "Margaret Mary Church (62)"
    California Oceanside "St. Margaret of Scotland Church"
    California Palm Desert "Sacred Heart Parish"
    California Perris "St. James the Less Parish"
    California Pismo Beach "St. Paul the Apostle Church"
    California Prunedale "Queen of Heaven Mausoleum"
    California Ripon "St. Patrick Church"
    California Rutherford "Holy Family Mission"
    California Sacramento "St. Stephen the First Martyr, Catholic Church"
    California San Buenaventura "San Buenavista Mission"
    California San Diego "St. Anne's Church"
    California San Francisco "Immaculate Conception Chapel"
    California San Juan Capistrano "Juan Capistrano Mission Serra Chapel (62)"
    California San Rafael "Holy Rosary Chapel On the Campus of St. Vincent's School For Boys"
    California Santa Clara "Oratory of Our Mother Of Perpetual Help, Institute Of Christ the King Sovereign Priest"
    California Santa Paula "Thomas Aquinas College (62)"
    California Santa Rosa "St. Eugene"
    California Turlock "Our Lady of the Assumption Church"
    California Ukiah "St. Mary of the Angels Parish"
    California Vacaville "St. Joseph Catholic Church - Side Chapel"
    California Vallejo "St. Louis Bertrand Chapel"
    California Wilmington " Peter and Paul (62)"
    California Yorba Linda "Pope John Paul Center"
    Colorado Denver "Holy Family Church"
    Colorado Littleton "Our Lady of Mt. Carmel"
    Colorado Security "Immaculate Conception Church"
    Connecticut Bridgeport "Sts. Cyril And Methodius Church"
    Connecticut Enfield "St. Martha Church"
    Connecticut Hartford "St. Peter Parish"
    Connecticut Moodus "St. Bridget of Kildare Church"
    Connecticut New Haven "St. Stanislaus Church"
    Connecticut Norwalk "Mary's Catholic Church (62)"
    Connecticut Stamford "St. John the Evangelist Basilica"
    Connecticut Waterbury "Immaculate Conception Church"
    Connecticut Waterbury "St. Margaret Church"
    Delaware Wilmington "Patrick Church (62)"
    District of Columbia Washington "St. Mary Mother of God Church"
    Florida Fort Myers "Resurrection of Our Lord Parish"
    Florida Jacksonville "culate Conception Church (62)"
    Florida Jacksonville "St. Joseph's Parish"
    Florida Jensen Beach "St. Martin De Porres Church"
    Florida Lantana "Holy Spirit Church"
    Florida Miami "Mission of San Francisco Y Santa Clara"
    Florida Naples "Oratory of Ave Maria, @ Ave Maria University"
    Florida Naples "Saint Agnes Church (in the Chapel)"
    Florida Ocala "Queen of Peace Parish"
    Florida Pensacola "Stephen's Church (62)"
    Florida San Antonio "St. Anthony of Padua"
    Florida Sanford "Historic Chapel, All Souls Parish"
    Florida Sarasota "Christ the King Church"
    Florida Spring Hill "St. Theresa Catholic Church"
    Florida St. Petersburg "St. Jude the Apostle Cathedral"
    Florida Sun City Center "Prince of Peace Parish"
    Georgia Mableton "St. Francis De Sales"
    Georgia Savannah "Cathedral of St. John the Baptist"
    Hawaii Honolulu "Blessed Sacrament Church"
    Idaho Coeur D'Alene "St. Joan of Arc Chapel"
    Illinois Aurora "Holy Angels Church"
    Illinois Berwyn "St. Odilo Parish"
    Illinois Cahokia "Holy Family Church (Log Church)"
    Illinois Chicago "Shrine of Christ the King Sovereign Priest (was St. Gelasius)"
    Illinois Chicago "St. Gabriel Parish"
    Illinois Chicago "John Cantius Church (62)"
    Illinois Chicago "St. Mary of Perpetual Help"
    Illinois Chicago "St. Thomas More Church"
    Illinois Fairbury "St. John the Baptist Church"
    Illinois Joliet "St. Bernard Parish"
    Illinois Naperville "Sts. Peter and Paul"
    Illinois Northlake "St. John Vianney Church"
    Illinois Peru "St. Valentine Parish"
    Illinois Quincy "St. Rose of Lima"
    Illinois Rochelle "St. Patrick Church"
    Illinois Rockford "St. Mary Oratory"
    Illinois Spring Grove "St. Peter's Catholic Church"
    Illinois Volo "St. Peter Church"
    Indiana Carmel "St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church"
    Indiana Evansville "Holy Trinity"
    Indiana Fort Wayne "Sacred Heart Church"
    Indiana Indianapolis "Holy Rosary Church"
    Indiana Michigan City "St. Stanislaus Kosta Church"
    Indiana Notre Dame "St. Charles Borromeo Chapel"
    Indiana Oak Forest "St. Cecilia / St. Philomena Church"
    Indiana South Bend "St. Patrick Church"
    Iowa Cedar Rapids "St. Wenceslaus"
    Iowa Davenport "St. Anthony Church"
    Iowa Des Moines "St. Anthony Church (in the Church Crypt)"
    Iowa Dyersville "St. Francis Xavier Basilica"
    Iowa Iowa City "St. Wenceslaus"
    Kansas Kansas City "Blessed Sacrament Church"
    Kansas Maple Hill "St. John Vianney"
    Kansas Seward "St. Francis Xavier Church"
    Kansas Topeka "St. Joseph Church"
    Kansas Wichita "St. Anthony Church"
    Kentucky Horse Cave "Our Lady of the Caves Catholic Church"
    Kentucky Lexington "St. Peter Church"
    Kentucky Louisville "Guardian Angels Catholic Church"
    Kentucky Louisville "St. Martin of Tours Church"
    Kentucky Oak Grove "St. Michael the Archangel Parish"
    Kentucky Paducah "St. John the Evangelist Church"
    Kentucky Walton "All Saints Church"
    Louisiana Baton Rouge "St. Agnes Church"
    Louisiana Carencro "Peter Church (62)"
    Louisiana Gibson "Blessed Sacrement"
    Louisiana Lacombe "Sacred Heart Church"
    Louisiana Lake Charles "Immaculate Conceptrion Cathedral"
    Louisiana Metairie "St. Benilda Church"
    Louisiana Natchitoches "Immaculate Concept Parish"
    Louisiana New Orleans "St. Patrick Church"
    Maine Lewiston "Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul"
    Maine Portland "Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (in The Chapel)"
    Maryland Baltimore "St. Alphonsus Shrine"
    Maryland Benedict "St. Francis De Sales Church"
    Maryland Gaitherburg "St. John Neumann"
    Maryland Hagerstown "St. Mary Catholic Church"
    Maryland Silver Spring "Our Lady Queen of Poland And St. Maximillian Kolbe [Old St. John the Evangelist Church]"
    Massachusetts Boston "Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Lower Chapel"
    Massachusetts Hyannis "Francis Xavier Church (62)"
    Massachusetts Newton Upper Falls "Mary Immaculate of Lourdes"
    Massachusetts Peabody "St. Adelaide Parish"
    Massachusetts Still River "Convent Chapel of St. Ann's House"
    Massachusetts Still River "Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel St. Benedict Center"
    Massachusetts Warren "St. Paul Parish"
    Michigan Cedar "Holy Rosary Parish"
    Michigan Detroit "mption Grotto Church (62)"
    Michigan Detroit "St. Josaphat Parish"
    Michigan Flint "All Saints Church"
    Michigan Grand Rapids "Sacred Heart Church"
    Michigan Jackson "St. Joseph Church"
    Michigan Kalamazoo "St. Mary Church"
    Michigan Lakeport "St. Edward On the Lake Parish"
    Michigan Lansing "St. Mary Cathedral Crypt"
    Michigan Marquette "Chapel of St. Peter Cathedral"
    Michigan Stephenson "Precious Blood Church"
    Michigan Yale "Sacred Heart Parish"
    Minnesota Alpha "St. Alphonsus Liquori Oratory"
    Minnesota Flensburg "Church of the Sacred Heart"
    Minnesota Guckeen "Oratory of Our Lady Of Ransom"
    Minnesota Miesville "St. Joseph Parish"
    Minnesota Morgan "St. Michael Parish"
    Minnesota Robbinsdale "Sacred Heart Church"
    Minnesota South St. Paul "St. Augustine Church"
    Minnesota St. Cloud "St. John Cantius"
    Missouri Apple Creek "St. Joseph Parish"
    Missouri Biehle "St.Maurus"
    Missouri Creve Coeur "Orotory Chapel of Sts Gregory and Augustine"
    Missouri Kansas City "Christ the King Parish"
    Missouri Kansas City "Old St. Patrick's Oratory"
    Missouri Marshfield "Holy Trinity Parish"
    Missouri Richmond Heights "Church of the Little Flower"
    Missouri Springfield "St. Agnes Cathedral"
    Missouri St. Louis "Shrine of St. Joseph, Mary's Altar"
    Missouri St. Louis "St. Francis De Sales Oratory"
    Nebraska Lincoln "St. Elizabeth Hospital Chapel"
    Nebraska Lincoln "St. Francis of Assisi Church"
    Nebraska Omaha "Immaculate Conception Church"
    Nevada Las Vegas "Bridget Parish (62)"
    Nevada Washoe Valley "Holy Spirit Mission (of St. Rose of Lima)"
    New Hampshire Richmond "St. Benedict Center"
    New Jersey Berlin "Mater Ecclesiae Roman Catholic Church"
    New Jersey Clifton "Sacred Heart Church"
    New Jersey Hamilton "Saint Anthony"
    New Jersey Harrington Park "Our Lady of Victories"
    New Jersey Jersey City "Holy Rosary Church"
    New Jersey Merchantville "St. Peter Church"
    New Jersey Middletown "St. Catherine Church"
    New Jersey Newark "Our Lady of Mount Carmel"
    New Jersey Newark "St. Lucy Church"
    New Jersey Pequannock "Our Lady of Fatima Chapel"
    New Jersey Raritan "Shrine Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament"
    New Jersey Rumson "Holy Cross Church"
    New Jersey West Orange "St. Antony of Padua Chapel"
    New Mexico Albuquerque "Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel"
    New Mexico Albuquerque "San Ignacio Church"
    New Mexico Santa Clara "Santa Clara Parish"
    New Mexico Santa Fe "San Miguel Mission"
    New York Binghampton "St. Mary of the Assumption Church"
    New York Brooklyn "Church of Our Lady Of Peace"
    New York Buffalo "St. Anthony of Padua Church"
    New York Cheektowaga "Our Lady Help of Christians"
    New York Cutchogue "Sacred Heart Church"
    New York Dix Hills "St. Matthew Church"
    New York Fillmore "St. Patrick Parish"
    New York Hempstead "St. Ladilaus Church"
    New York Middle Village "St. John Chapel St. John Cemetary"
    New York Middletown "St. Joseph (in the Chapel)"
    New York New York City "Church of Our Saviour"
    New York New York City "Holy Innocents Church"
    New York New York City "Our Lady of Mount Carmel Shrine Church"
    New York New York City "Agnes Church (62)"
    New York Newburgh "St. Patrick Parish"
    New York Oswego "St. Mary Church"
    New York Port Chester "Sacred Heart Church"
    New York Potsdam "St, Mary"
    New York Rochester "St. Stanislaus Church"
    New York Sleepy Hollow "The Church of the Immaculate Conception"
    New York Syracuse "Sacred Heart Basilica"
    New York Tivoli "St. Sylvia's Church"
    New York Troy "St. Joseph's Church"
    New York Tuxedo Park "Our Lady of Mount Carmel"
    New York Verona "Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish"
    New York Vestal "St. Vincent De Paul Church"
    New York Yonkers "ST. Eugene Parish"
    North Carolina Dunn "Sacred Heart Catholic Church"
    North Carolina Mount Airy "Holy Angels Church"
    North Carolina Rocky Mount "Our Lady of Perpetual Help"
    North Dakota Fargo "Cathedral of St. Mary"
    North Dakota Grand Forks "Parkwood Place Chapel (basement)"
    North Dakota Oriska "St. Bernard of Clairvaux Church"
    Ohio Akron "St. Sebastian's Church"
    Ohio Cincinnati "Sacred Heart Church"
    Ohio Cleveland "Immaculate Conception Church"
    Ohio Cleveland "St. Rocco Church"
    Ohio Cleveland "St. Stephen Parish"
    Ohio Columbus "Holy Family Church"
    Ohio Dayton "Holy Family Parish"
    Ohio Steubenville "St. Peter's"
    Ohio Toledo "St. Joseph Church"
    Ohio Vienna "Queen of the Holy Rosary Church"
    Oklahoma Edmond "St. Damian Malokai Catholic Church"
    Oklahoma Hulbert "Our Lady of the Annunciation Monastary Of Clear Creek"
    Oklahoma Tulsa "The Parish of St. Peter"
    Oklahoma Wagoner "Holy Cross Parish"
    Oregon Portland "St. Birgitta Church"
    Pennsylvania Allentown "St. Stephen of Hungary"
    Pennsylvania Cambridge Spring "St. Anthony of Padua Parish"
    Pennsylvania Danville "St. Joseph Parish"
    Pennsylvania Elmhurst "St. Gregory Academy"
    Pennsylvania Elysburg "Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Elysburg"
    Pennsylvania Erie "St. Ann Church"
    Pennsylvania Harrisburg "St. Lawrence Chapel of the Cathedral Of St. Patrick"
    Pennsylvania Hazleton "Holy Rosary Church (Italian)"
    Pennsylvania Hazleton "Our Lady of Grace Church"
    Pennsylvania Lancaster "St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church"
    Pennsylvania Patton "Queen of Peace Parish"
    Pennsylvania Philadelphia "Our Lady of Consolation"
    Pennsylvania Philadelphia "Lady of Lourdes (62)"
    Pennsylvania Philadelphia "St. Paul's Church"
    Pennsylvania Pittsburgh "St. Boniface Church / Holy Wisdom Parish"
    Pennsylvania Plymouth Meeting "Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church"
    Pennsylvania Scranton "St. Michael's Church"
    Pennsylvania Yatesville "St. Joseph Seminary"
    Pennsylvania York "St. Joseph Church"
    Rhode Island East Providence "St. Martha Church"
    Rhode Island Providence "Holy Name of Jesus Church"
    South Carolina Sullivan's Island "Stella Maris"
    South Dakota Rapid City "Immaculate Conception Church"
    South Dakota Sioux Falls "St. Mary Parish"
    South Dakota Spearfish "St, Joseph Parish"
    Tennessee Knoxville "Holy Ghost Church"
    Tennessee Memphis "Blessed Sacrament Church"
    Tennessee Townsend "St. Francis of Assisi Parish"
    Texas Austin "St. Mary Cathedral"
    Texas Brenham "St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception"
    Texas Candelaria "Our Lady of Light Mission"
    Texas Corpus Christi "St. Theresa Psarish"
    Texas Fort Worth "Chapel,Fisher More College"
    Texas Fort Worth "St. Mary of the Assumption Church"
    Texas Houston "nciation Church (62)"
    Texas Houston "St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish"
    Texas Irving "Mater Dei Parish"
    Texas Pharr "Jude Thaddeus Church (62)"
    Texas Redford "San Jose Mission"
    Texas San Antonio "St. Pius X Parish"
    Texas Shafter "Sacred Heart Mission"
    Texas Tyler "St. Joseph Chapel"
    Texas Vidor "Our Lady of Lourdes Church"
    Texas Waco "St. Louis Catholic Church"
    Utah Huntsville "Abbey of Our Lady Of the Holy Trinity"
    Utah Taylorville "St. Martin De Porres Church"
    Virginia Alexandria "St. Lawrance the Martyr Church"
    Virginia Annandale "St. Michael Church"
    Virginia Bon Air "St. Joseph's Catholic Church"
    Virginia Chesapeake "St. Benedict Chapel"
    Virginia Fredericksburg "St. Patrick Church"
    Virginia Front Royal "St. John the Baptist"
    Virginia Gainesville "Holy Trinity Parish"
    Virginia King George "St. Anthony of Padua Mission"
    Virginia McLean "St. John the Beloved"
    Virginia Warrenton "St. John the Evagelist"
    Washington Seattle "Church of North American Martyrs at St. Alphonsus Parish"
    Washington Shoreline "Chapel at Holyrood Cemetery"
    Washington Spokane "St. Francis Xavier Parish"
    West Virginia Charles Town "Priory of the Annunciation Of The Blessed Virgin Mary"
    Wisconsin Cashton "Church of the Nativity Of The Blessed Virgin Mary"
    Wisconsin Edson "Sacred Heart Chapel"
    Wisconsin Green Bay "St. Joseph Church"
    Wisconsin Kenosha "Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church"
    Wisconsin La Crosse "Shrine of Our Lady Of Guadalupe"
    Wisconsin Madison "Holy Redeemer Church"
    Wisconsin Mazomanie "St. Barnabas Parish"
    Wisconsin Milwaukee "St. Stanislaus Church"
    Wisconsin Necedah "St. Francis of Assissi Church"
    Wisconsin Platteville "St. Augustine University Parish"
    Wisconsin Sauk City "St. Aloysius"
    Wisconsin Sauk City "St. Norbert Church (Roxbury)"
    Wisconsin Wausau "St. Mary's Oratory"
    Wyoming Powell "St. Barbara Parish"
    Alberta Calgary "St. Anthony Church"
    Alberta Edmonton "St. Anthony Church"
    British Columbia Aldergrove "Saints Joachim and Ann Parish"
    British Columbia Esquimalt "Our Lady Queen of Peace Church"
    British Columbia Vancouver "Holy Family"
    Manitoba Winnipeg "St. Ann Parish"
    New Brunswick Dieppe "Notre Dame De Loretta Parish"
    Newfoundland and Labrador St. John's "St. Pius X Parish, Chapel Entrance"
    Ontario Niagara Falls "St. Antoine De Padoue"
    Ontario North Bay "Divine Mercy Hermitage"
    Ontario Ottawa "St. Clement Church"
    Ontario Scarborough "St. Lawrence Martyr Parish"
    Ontario Scarborough "St. Therese of the Little Flower Shrine"
    Ontario Schomberg "St. Patrick Church"
    Ontario Sebringville "St. Patrick, Kinkore"
    Ontario St. Catharines "Queen of Angles Oratory"
    Ontario Thorold South "St. Aloysius Parish"
    Ontario Toronto "St. Therese Parish"
    Ontario Toronto "St. Vincent De Paul Church"
    Ontario Warren "Divine Mercy Hermitage"
    Ontario Windsor "Assumption Church"
    Quebec Montreal "St. Irenee De La Paroisse Bienheuress Maria Anne Blondin"
    Quebec Notre Dame Des Bois "Notre Dame Des Bois Church"
    Quebec Quebec "St. Zephirin De Stadacona"
    Saskatchewan Saskatoon "Our Lady of Czestochowa"

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